Why Worry About Wastewater?

Water is a commodity that has limited supply. Nature can only absorb the negative impacts of untreated wastewater for so long, and the destructive effects of improper management of wastewater are already being seen on a widespread basis. Proper wastewater treatment removes “oxygen-demanding” organic materials rendering it more acceptable. In addition, wastewater treatment also removes other objectionable materials, nutrients such as nitrogen, and heavy metals – all these items can and do have severe and lasting negative impact on our environment.

Wastewater Treatment Systems
BioSolutions, Incorporated is a progressive, cutting edge company that offers high quality wastewater solutions at competitive prices. We have provided safe, reliable and economical wastewater reclamation and management systems for Municipalities, School Districts, Industry, Residential Developments as well as individual homeowners. Whatever the scope of your project, BioSolutions is the right call to make when faced with wastewater issues.


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